Top 10 Agrochemical Dealers in Nigeria


Top 10 Agrochemical Dealers in Nigeria

Agrochemicals are chemical products that are used in agriculture. These products boost soil fertility and enhance agricultural output. To increase crop production, agrochemical dealers in Nigeria provide farmers with fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides, and application training. Agrichemicals are toxic, and because they are stored in bulk, they may pose serious risks to the environment and/or human health, especially in the event of an accidently spilled substance.

You'll be surprised to learn that the use of agrochemicals is strictly controlled in some developed nations. Farmers who wish to use some of these agrochemicals may need government-issued permits for the acquisition and use of these agrochemicals.

Misuse of these agrochemicals is punishable by a severe fine, which the government may decide to impose, e. spillage as a result of improper storage.

On farms, proper storage facilities and labeling, emergency clean-up tools and methods, and safety tools and methods for application, handling, and disposal are frequently governed by laws and regulations that must be followed. The registration procedure typically serves as the means of enforcing the rules.


Here are some of the Top Nigerian Agrochemical Dealers

Top 10 Agrochemical Dealers in Nigeria

Some of Nigeria's top agrochemical dealers are listed below.

1. Notore Company

In Nigeria, Notre Chemical Industries Plc is the market leader in the production of premium fertilizer. For best results, they concentrate on instructing farmers in fertilizer application. Positive agricultural yield is a result of the impact. The business is in a good place to ship its goods.


2. African Agro Commodities Limited

Through its regional and national distributors, the business imports and distributes agrochemicals. They offer agrochemical solutions and collaborate closely with the farming communities to offer crop protection and cutting-edge farming methods.


3. Alphayel Ventures Limited

For plants grown in Nigeria, Alphayel Ventures produces and supplies fertilizers and soil activators. See also: Nigeria's Top Exporting Companies.


4. Hermonwell Company Limited

Hermonwell has created reliable agrochemical supplies for farmers throughout Nigeria, as well as trade distribution and agrochemical product marketing.


5. Prime Gold Chemical Industries

For the protection of crops and soil fertility, the business produces fertilizer that also functions as a pesticide, fungicide, insecticide, and antinematode. The products enhance the soil and increase agricultural yields.


6. Saro Agro Sciences 

Nigerian agrochemical business Agro Sciences. The business is passionate about assisting and monitoring farmers' agroproduction inputs, such as crop production and fertilizer for seeds. Educate farmers on new technologies that can increase crop yield.


7. African Fertilizer and Chemicals Nigeria Limited

African Fertilizer and Chemicals Nigeria Limited a Nigerian agrochemical business. The business produces and exports sodium silicate alkaline, which is used in agriculture to increase productivity.


8. Amenss Agriculture Limited

Leading seller of agrochemicals and chicken feed in Nigeria is Amenss Agriculture Limited.


9. Comfort Agro Chemical Nigeria Limited

Comfort Agro is a well-known local business.


10. Bayer Crop Science

The company produces insecticides, pest control, and chemical and biological crop protein products in Nigeria.


List of Agrochemicals and Their Uses

Below are widely used agrochemicals and their purpose of usage.

1. Pesticides: They are widely used by farmers and Man to kill or control pests on farm produce.

2. Insecticides: They are used to kill insects and rodents attacking farm produce.

3. Herbicides: It is used to control or kill weeds and herbs. Herbicides examples: Gramoxone and glyphosate.

4. Fungicides: They are special substances used for controlling and killing fungi and oomycetes e. g; Mankocide.

5. Algaecides: Algaecides are special chemicals used to control Algae from destroying our crops and plants.

6. Rodenticides: Rodenticides are used to control rodents from destroying crops and farm produce.

7. Molluscicides: It is a special chemical used to control mollusks like snails and slugs. e. g Slugit.

8. Nematicides: They are special chemicals used to control nematodes.

9. Fertilizer: They are highly recommended agrochemicals used by farmers as a supplement to crop to increase productivity.

In addition, they can be used to mitigate nutrient deficiency in the soil. Typically, it is applied to soils or to plant tissues. Fertilizers can be categorized into two categories: organic and inorganic fertilizers. Organic fertilizers are naturally existing substances prepared through natural processes.

Inorganic fertilizers, also referred to as synthetic fertilizers are manufactured artificially using chemical processes by utilizing natural deposits, which are altered chemically.

10. Soil Conditioner: They are added to soil to improve the physical quality, they also help to enhance the aeration and water holding capacity of the soil. The company’s sole aim is to bring exclusive training to farmers on the usage of Agricultural Crop Protection Chemicals (Insecticides, Herbicides, Fungicide and other Agricultural farm inputs and Machinery (Tractors, Knapsack sprayers, etc.)

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