Top 15 Wire Companies in Nigeria


Top 15 Wire Companies in Nigeria

Over the years, Nigeria's industrial sector has grown remarkably, with the wire manufacturing sector being a key factor in this development. By satisfying the demand for high-quality wires for residential, commercial, and industrial uses, these businesses have made a significant contribution to the nation's infrastructure development.

Here are the top 15 wire manufacturing companies in Nigeria, ranked by production capacity, product quality, client satisfaction, and market presence.


Here are Top 15 Wire Companies in Nigeria
Top 15 Wire Companies in Nigeria

1. Cutix Plc

Cutix Plc, which was founded in 1982, manufactures and distributes a variety of electrical wires and cables that are used in numerous industries. They have established themselves as a leading name in the sector thanks to their reputation for quality and customer care.


2. Nigerchin Electrical Development Company

In Nigeria, Nigerchin is one of the most well-known producers of electrical wires and cables. Power cables, bare copper conductors, and other specialty cables are among the many products they provide.


3. Coleman Wires and Cables

Coleman Wires and Cables is a top producer of non-ferrous electrical wires and cables that adhere to international standards and is renowned for their extensive product line and dedication to quality.


4. Precious Cables Nigeria Limited

This business specializes in producing a wide variety of electrical cables and wires, including bare copper conductors, PVC-insulated cables, and armored cables.


5. Northern Cables and Manufacturing Company Limited

Construction, oil and gas, telecommunications, and other industries all rely on the high-quality electrical cables and wires produced by Northern Cables.


6. Kabelmetal Nigeria Plc

Kabelmetal Nigeria Plc, one of the biggest cable manufacturers in Nigeria, is a part of the global Cablel group. For various uses, the business manufactures a range of electrical cables.


7. Boulos Group

The Boulos Group is known for its high-quality goods and services, despite being primarily known as a manufacturer of motorbikes and electrical wires and cables.


8. Purechem Manufacturing Limited

Leading producer of superior electrical cables and wires is Purechem. In Nigeria, their products are used in a variety of industries because they meet both national and international standards.


9. Abermega Electrical Nigeria Limited

The electrical cables available from this company include flat cables, armoured cables, and single-core cables. They are renowned for providing excellent customer service and offering reasonable prices.


10. Mikano International Limited

One of the biggest providers of power solutions in Nigeria, Mikano also produces high-quality electrical cables and wires for a range of commercial uses.


11. Mouka Cables and Wire Industries Nigeria Limited

Mouka is a well-known brand in the cable industry, known for their superior electrical cables and wires that meet various industrial, commercial, and residential needs.


12. Great Bakis Nigeria Limited

This business specializes in producing a variety of cables and wires, such as PVC cables, XLPE cables, and armoured cables.


13. Sedco Cable

Sedco Cable is a reputable brand in the Nigerian cable industry and is well-known for its large selection of sturdy, high-quality cables and wires.


14. Toprank Cables Nigeria Limited

In the production of superior electrical wires and cables, this company has built a solid reputation. Armoured cables, PVC cables, and aluminum conductors are just a few of the many products they provide.


15. Reliance Infosystems Limited

Despite being primarily an IT business, Reliance Infosystems also deals in electrical cables and wires, earning a reputation for quality and dependability.


Final Thought

Nigeria's wire manufacturing sector is essential to the industrial and infrastructure growth of the nation. These businesses have made a significant contribution to the sector's growth through their dedication to quality and innovation by offering dependable and high-quality wire and cable solutions for a range of applications throughout Nigeria. 

These businesses are well positioned to meet the nation's rising demand for high-quality wires and cables as the industry is expected to continue growing.

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