22 Most Lucrative Agricultural and Farming Business Ideas in Nigeria

22 Most Lucrative Agricultural and Farming Business Ideas in Nigeria

What are the best farming business ideas to start in Nigeria? The agricultural sector accounts for just over 20% of the country's gross domestic product (GDP), but it could be much higher. The agricultural sector is one of the most prosperous sectors in the Nigerian economy. With proper strategic planning, anyone with basic knowledge of farming and production operations can start a profitable agribusiness. 

You don't need a lot of capital or agricultural land to start farming. If you have a small plot of land in the yard, you can plant crops in small or vertical containers to make the most of the space.

In this post, we will introduce you to 22 Most Lucrative Agricultural and Farming Business Ideas in Nigeria.

We hope you find this information useful. Agriculture remains one of the most profitable business sectors not only in Nigeria but globally.

When people think of agriculture, they think of it as a very dull and boring industry. This is a very "short-sighted" belief.

Most Nigerian youths today prefer to find long-term white-collar jobs rather than work in agriculture, which is unknown to many and is one of the most effective ways to earn wealth.

Are you looking for a very profitable business?


Here are the 22 Most Lucrative Agricultural and Farming Business Ideas in Nigeria


1. Hatchery

Hatching is an aspect of farming that people often ignore. We have more fish farmers than fish farmers. What is an incubator? An incubator is a facility that produces eggs under artificial conditions. If you are considering this business opportunity, you don't need a lot of initial capital. There is also a way to create a temporary incubator at a relatively low production cost, or build it under the guidance of an expert.


2. Piggery

Pig farming is another relatively inexpensive farming business opportunity. Why should you consider this?

• Pigs can be 15 pigs at a time.

• The costs of feeding pigs are minimal. They eat almost everything humans eat (obviously! A balanced diet). Their food should contain fiber, carbohydrates and protein.

• You need water. The main capital required here is land. In this case, the purchased land depends on the "pocket".


3. Rabbit Farming

Rabbits can give birth to 6 to 10 babies at a time, up to seven times a year. They eat leaves, grass, shrubs and elephant grass.

The cost of raising these animals is reasonable and requires little initial capital. This is another profitable business opportunity in agriculture.


4. Snail Farming 

Snail farming is considered one of the most profitable farming businesses that can be started with little capital in Nigeria today. However, this is one of the most neglected animal farms in the country. Snail farming in Nigeria offers one of the best opportunities to make money in a short period of time.

Snail breeding is a niche and unique business. Since snails are not very active during the dry season, purchasing edible snails can be very expensive. During this period, the quantity will gradually decrease and there will not be enough supply in the market until the next rainy season.


5. Flower Gardening

Floriculture is a good business opportunity for lovers of aesthetics. If the world were full of flowers, it would seem like heaven to me! Growing flowers cannot be given enough attention. The key word for people in this profession is "patience". All you have to do is plant a seed and watch it grow. A small initial capital is required. Note: You must be allocated a seat by 'target group'.


6. Catfish Farming

Thinking of taking up sleep augmentation? You should read this. The main feature of this business opportunity is that the catfish grows very quickly and can lay more than 4000 eggs.

The initial capital depends on your pocket. You may want to consider starting with a truncated tank and opening up a lot more space as the tank grows.

If you are considering a farming business, you can do it with catfish farming. You can create a space on your property where you can smoke this fish and bring it to your customers.

Some customers may prefer it smoked or fresh. You can sell them to restaurants, bars, hotels or use them at home. The range of customers is wide.


7. Equipment Rental Service  

This is not a widely known business in Nigeria. Business owners can call you to pick up the equipment they need.

So why not invest in some farm equipment? Before purchasing any equipment, you should conduct a feasibility study on the needs of farmers in your area.


8. Agrotransporter

Rural areas lack good road networks and basic social services. Buying a vehicle to transport the produce from the farm to the market is also a great way to earn a steady income. Shipping is also a very important aspect in delivering products to customers.

Why don't you look?


9. Tomato and Pepper Production

Not a day goes by without people consuming this brightly colored vegetable. Whether it's made into a sauce or used to garnish food, it beautifies the food. This business opportunity is labor intensive but very profitable as there is always a market for it.


10. Bee Farming

Yes! Read it correctly! After considering this option, check to see if bees are near your fruit trees. Because bees are good pollinators. This also provides additional benefits. This makes it a very profitable business opportunity in the agricultural sector. Honey is used to reduce burns when applied to the affected area and also reduces the consumption of raw sugar.


11. Green House Farming

An enclosed space that helps regulate the temperature of certain types of horticultural crops in a greenhouse. Cabbage, apples. They are temperate cultures. Greenhouse gardening is a very efficient farming system. If you decide to do this, you will need professional advice.


12. Telfairia Occidentalis Production

Telfairia occidentalis is commonly known as Ugwu. All you need is a very small piece of soil, depending on the size of the starter pockets. The pods cost 800 Naira and each pod contains up to 120 seeds. You can start by buying Ugu seeds and plants for 2000 Naira. However, these costs do not include other minor logistical issues such as shipping. Benefits are reasonable. If you go to your local market, you can get 6 ugu for 100 naira. This is definitely a very good opportunity for agribusiness.


13. Cassava Farming

The main characteristic of cassava cultivation is that every part of cassava, from leaves to stalks to roots, provides economic benefits. Cassava can also be mixed with legumes. Cowpea, maize helps increase productivity and helps increase soil fertility. A small initial capital is required, that is, small.


14. Cassava Processing

Cassava, later transformed into garri, is an important staple food in Nigeria. Cassava processing does not have one end product but many end products, which makes it a great opportunity to enter the business. Gary, it doesn't take that much capital to make fufu.


15. Zoo's  Keeper

Some people who appreciate pet ownership need a place to keep their pets, especially when they travel or have busy schedules. They want to keep their pets safe during this time. This should also ensure that the business is close to the 'target group' as they operate in the upper regions of the country to set up the business. This is a very profitable business. Although this requires a very large initial capital.


16. Maize Planting

Growing corn is a great business opportunity even for first-time buyers. You will need some capital to get started. You can plant it in someone's yard and still get good results.

17. Corn Processing

Corn can be processed into a variety of products, providing a variety of options when it comes to corn processing. Corn can be processed into cornstarch or animal feed. It is widely consumed boiled or fried. Returns are great.


18. Goat Farming

If you decide to take advantage of this unique business opportunity, you can't go wrong! A small initial capital is required. All you need are two goats (male and female). Voila! You're on the right track.

A goat can give birth to three kids at once. They eat everything except healthy goats, which can be fed on shrubs and grain.


19. Farm Consultancy

It is a way to reach farmers who need advice on improving productivity or who are concerned about choosing business opportunities to start their own business in the agricultural sector. You will only be charged a consultation fee. You can read more about farming and how to increase productivity.

All in all, agriculture offers many interesting and exciting business opportunities. In a world where people are encouraged to live a healthy life and reduce their consumption of canned goods, agriculture has long been on people's minds.


20. Catfish Farm

Many types of fish are farmed in Nigeria. However, many people like catfish because the meat is juicy, tender and tasty. But not everyone knows that these fish can grow quickly. It is possible to organize catfish breeding at home even on a small farm. The demand for cotton is very high throughout the year. 

There is a high demand from football viewing centres, restaurants and market women who buy live or smoked catfish in bulk and sell it to retailers. Individuals also need cotton for personal consumption. With increased sleep, you will have no problem selling your products.


21.  Rice Farming

Nigeria is the largest producer of rice in West Africa and the third largest producer of rice in Africa after Egypt and Madagascar, producing an average of about 3.6 million tons per year. Interestingly, Nigeria is still unable to meet the local demand of about 5.5 million tonnes.

Nigeria has a huge market for rice, so if you are looking for profitable farming business ideas in Nigeria, you should seriously consider rice farming, which is undoubtedly one of the most profitable farming business in the country. Nigeria.


22. Poultry Farming

Poultry farming is the process of raising animals such as chickens, ducks, turkeys and geese for meat or eggs. Poultry farming in Nigeria is probably one of the most profitable farming businesses out there. The rapid maturation of chickens gives entrepreneurs one of the best opportunities to make good money in a short period of time.

With over 160 million consumers in Nigeria alone, there is always a market waiting to be discovered. The demand for poultry products such as eggs is so high that people are looking for where to get essential items.


Final Thought

In Nigeria, there is great interest in the agricultural sector. Many entrepreneurs are focusing on various sectors of agriculture and turning them into viable and profitable enterprises with the help of information technology. From growing corn and rice to raising poultry and fishing. Agriculture began to regain its respectability for a long time.

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