From Coding to Debugging: Stacked Monitors for Software Development


From Coding to Debugging: Stacked Monitors for Software Development

In the world of software development, productivity is key. Having the right tools can make all the difference in how much you get done in a day, as well as how effectively you’re using your time. The obvious solution, for several years, has been to increase the available screen real estate, giving you a bigger workspace.

Traditionally, this has been done in a desktop environment, where people will use two, three, or even sometimes four monitors. This helps maximize the space in which they have to run applications and browsers, along with all the other tools they need for software development. The need for an alternative solution has recently arisen as more developers are working on mobile devices.


The solution? Invest instead in stacked monitors for your laptop. Stacked monitors are a great way to increase screen real estate without having to be tied to a desk. Plus, with models like the Geminos stacked monitor, you can enjoy plug-and-play convenience along with all of the other perks.


What are Stacked Monitors?

Stacked monitors are exactly what they sound like: monitors stacked vertically instead of horizontally to increase your available screen space. Why is this helpful? Well, imagine you’re at home or your favorite coffee shop doing some work. You may not have the space for monitors horizontally, but you want more screens to work with.

With portable stacking monitors, you can get exactly that. It’s a great alternative to a traditional desk setup and even to our selection of extended monitors that attach horizontally to laptops.


The Benefits of Stacked Monitors in Software Development

If you’ve worked in software development for any length of time, you know that there are a lot of tools and applications involved in the process. You might have five or more windows open at one time and be using most of them. It can get time-consuming and complicated, which can also lead to mistakes.

If you choose to add more space with stacked monitors, however, you can enjoy:

  • Less back-and-forth between tabs and windows
  • Fewer mistakes and errors
  • Less having to repeat what you’ve already done or redo work
  • Space for all the apps and tools you need
  • A chance to customize a development desktop that works for you
  • Increased productivity and efficiency

When you are moving the mouse and tabbing around less, you’re going to find that you work more quickly and with a reduced risk of errors. You might get so used to this setup that you never go back to anything else. And with mobile stackable monitors, you don’t have to be tied to a desk to enjoy the perks.


From Coding to Debugging: Stacked Monitors for Software Development

How to Set Up Your Monitors

Putting the monitors to use is just as simple as attaching them to your laptop and plugging them in. Simply adjust the settings to let the system know which screens are doing what. Then, start moving your applications and tools to their respective new homes, depending on where you want them to be.

We can’t tell you exactly how to set up your new monitor screen space. That’s going to be something that you figure out for yourself. Consider how you work most effectively. What kind of workflows do you need or use regularly? Feel free to try out a few different arrangements until you find the one that works best for you.

Once you set the screens the way you like them, they won’t change unless you tell them to, even after being unplugged from your laptop. So, if you have to take your work on the go, you don’t have to worry about losing your flow.


Final Thoughts

For multitasking efficiency and increased productivity, stacked monitors are a must. Software developers will also find that fewer mistakes occur when they have a better screen setup conducive to their work. With portable stacked monitors, you’re no longer tied to the desk when it comes to getting work done in the most productive way.

And even if you are working at a desk but don’t like the traditional hard-wired monitor setup, this is a great alternative. Check out stacked monitors for yourself and see how they can level up your software development.



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