How To Start A Lucrative Egg Hatchery Business In Nigeria: The Complete Guide


How To Start A Lucrative Egg Hatchery Business In Nigeria: The Complete Guide

Over the past 20 years, egg hatching has increased significantly around the world and the situation in Nigeria is no different. 

According to statistics, poultry production will increase by 30% in the next few years, with eggs accounting for about 1.6% of the increase. Estimates suggest that as of 2109, each person consumed an average of 300 eggs per year. 

High prices are partly due to demand for protein, and eggs are like meat, fish and milk. It is a cheaper source in fact, eggs are used in many ways, including making omelets, baking, cooking other dishes, and making snacks.

In 2018, global egg production increased from 73.9 million tons to 76.7 million tons.

Today, China remains the largest producer of eggs, accounting for approximately 42% (29,128,715 tons) of annual egg production. The United States is within striking distance of accounting for about 6% of the world's annual share of production. In 2018, global egg production was valued at over $260 million and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.0% to reach $350 million by 2027. 

Meanwhile, Germany ($729 million), Iraq ($396 million) and the Netherlands ($346 million) were among the top importers of eggs.

Although poultry is good in Nigeria, only 481,437 tonnes of eggs are produced annually, a CAGR of 3.7%. However, Nigeria's poultry and egg production industry is the largest in all of Africa at about $600 million, followed by South Africa. This means that if more attention is paid to the industry, it will grow exponentially. The same is true for local egg producers and potential investors in poultry and egg producers.

We promise huge profits and a stable market both domestically and internationally. Are you planning to start a profitable egg hatching business in Nigeria?


Here is a complete guide to help you through the process


What Is an Egg?

Eggs are oval, membrane-enclosed, semi-fluid substances laid by female birds, reptiles, amphibians and some mammals. Humans mainly eat birds such as chickens, seabirds and turkeys. Eggs to eat. However, chicken eggs are most commonly consumed worldwide.


What Is Egg Hatchery?

Egg hatching refers to the process of using technology (usually an incubator) to grow and hatch eggs for commercial production. In the last decade, the poultry industry in Nigeria has grown significantly and so has the egg hatching industry. This is one of the most capital invested sectors in poultry farming. Most poultry farmers are engaged in business in their country of origin.


Business Opportunities for Egg Hatchery Operations in Nigeria and Worldwide

Egg-related job opportunities include:

1.  Production of Food and Snacks

Eggs are a staple and a must for egg lovers around the world. Eggs can be made in a variety of ways. You can boil it, bake it, boil it, fry it or fry it. Eggs can be eaten alone or with other foods such as bread, yams and noodles. 

In the absence of protein-rich dietary supplements such as meat and fish, most Nigerians opt for eggs. Easy to add to pies, waffles, sandwiches, rolls and cakes. Trading all these foods can be a profitable business for anyone around the world. 

In Nigeria, making egg rolls and egg sandwiches is a common activity that goes down well with students.


2. Egg Distribution

In order to grow eggs successfully, you will need to make agreements with both drivers and distributors. It is effective for young people who can carefully manage the distribution and marketing of eggs.



3. Production of Cleaning Material

Eggshells are mainly used to produce a cleaning agent used to clean stubborn stains from pots and pans.


Facts and Benefits About Eggs

• Eggs are a rich source of protein.

• They can also eat the eggs of other birds and reptiles.

• Before World War II, egg production was mainly done on farms with fewer than 400 hens.

• A boiled egg contains 22% selenium, 15% vitamin B2 and 9% vitamin B12.

• Egg yolks are higher in calories than egg whites.

• Eggs help build body muscles.

• Eggs improve brain health.

• Eggs contain selenium and vitamins that help build a strong immune system.

• Eggs also contain lutein, which improves vision.

• Eating boiled eggs makes you feel full.

• It is illegal to sell unwashed eggs in the United States.

• Boiled eggs are more nutritious than raw eggs.

• Hens turn their eggs about 50 times a day to prevent the yolk from sticking to one side of the shell.

• China, the United States, Japan, India and Mexico are world leaders in egg production.

• "Yelken" means yellow in Old English.

• Kiwis lay the largest eggs relative to their body size.

• If the shell does not come off easily after cooking, the egg white is sticking to the inside of the shell.

• The color of the eggshell is determined by the breed of hen that laid the shell.


Types of Eggs

There is no specific type of egg, but it can be classified according to the bird or reptile it comes from. These include chickens, kiwis, ostriches, seabirds, ducks, turkeys, etc.


How to Start an Egg Incubation Business in Nigeria: A Step by Step Guide

1. Conduct a Feasibility Study

A feasibility study includes all the elements needed to start an egg production business. At this point, you can decide which eggs to hatch. Of course, the Nigerian version is a chicken egg. You also need to decide where you want to locate your business.

How useful are eggplants?

Planning to raise your own chickens?

Do you want to raise poultry too? You will also need to decide if your capital is sufficient to raise eggs in the area of ​​your choice.


2.  Land Acquisition

Once you have made your decision, you will need to secure a suitable plot for the size of your business. Due to the strong smell of the branches, it is not recommended to locate the plot too close to residential buildings.


3. Build the Necessary Structure

You need a structure to emerge. Hire an experienced professional to build proper structures to store your equipment and hatch your eggs. It includes egg processing, egg pasteurization, chicken processing, etc. Make sure facilities are built with safety in mind. Basic structures required include changing rooms, equipment storage, hatcheries, management blocks and toilets.


4. Setting up the Incubation Equipment

Incubating eggs through a combination of incubator, lighting system and house requires several machines and equipment, including drip trays.


5. Purchase the Necessary Devices and Equipment

Items needed include carts, incubators, generators, pressure washers, wells or other water sources, baskets, egg crates, and coolers.

In addition, investments in more devices and equipment are required.


Challenges of operating an egg hatchery in Nigeria

Some challenges to consider in raising eggs include:

• High initial cost

• Hatching eggs requires labor.

• Electricity supply is unstable in most areas of the country.

• It is difficult to get good eggs for hatching.

• bad weather

• Diseases and predator attacks.

• Risk of theft

• Lack of spare parts for cars.

• Lack of credit structures for poultry farmers.

• Low state support.

• Lack of skilled labor for incubation.

• Eggs and chicks are difficult to handle.

• Difficulties entering the most international markets.

• Road network for distribution is weak.

• Maintenance costs of hatchery equipment are high


Final Thought

Starting an egg hatchery business is something you should seriously consider when starting a business. Make smart decisions, from choosing a location to purchasing high-quality eggs to hiring reliable staff. With the increasing demand for eggs, they can never escape from the market.

Over time, businesses can generate more income for individual entrepreneurs and the country as a whole, as the government provides favorable conditions such as prudent policies, power supply and financial support.

Egg hatchery business in Nigeria can be a very profitable business to start because of the huge market demand and the ability to build an extensive sales network.

If you want to start a profitable business, egg hatcheries in Nigeria are a great opportunity to explore.

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