Top 15 Professional Cinematographers in Abuja


Top 15 Professional Cinematographers in Abuja

Top 15 Professional Cinematographers in Abuja- Abuja, the capital of Nigeria, is home to many gifted cinematographers who aid in bringing Nigerian stories to life through film and video. 

Cinematographers in Abuja use their talents and creative vision to create visually arresting images that inspire and move viewers when shooting everything from commercials to music videos to feature films and documentaries.

This article examines 15 of Abuja's top cinematographers, focusing on their distinctive aesthetics, notable works, and Abuja-specific settings. These cinematographers contribute to giving Abuja's film industry its distinct visual identity, whether they are filming on location or in a studio.

They are in high demand in the Nigerian film industry and elsewhere due to their artistic and technical prowess.


Here are the Top 15 Professional Cinematographers in Abuja

Top 15 Professional Cinematographers in Abuja

1. Chidi Okonkwo

Signature Style: Creative framing, tracking shots, off-kilter compositions

Notable Projects: The Figurine, Anchor Baby, October 1st

Locations: Wuse 2, Maitama

Chidi Okonkwo, a director well-known for his dynamic tracking shots and unusual camera angles, infuses his movies with life and visual tension. He honed his craft while taking cinematography classes in France, and he has since worked on films like The Figurine, Anchor Baby, and October 1. Okonkwo, who has a base in Wuse 2, frequently shoots scenes in Maitama studios or on the streets of Abuja. information Nigeria.


2. Kathryn Fasegha

Signature Style: Elegant framing, rich color palettes, sensual lighting

Notable Projects: Gidi Up, MTV Shuga

Locations: Asokoro, Maitama

Kathryn Fasegha, one of Abuja's few female cinematographers, gives her films a refined and personal quality. Gidi Up on Ndani TV and Shuga on MTV are just two of the acclaimed productions she has worked on. Fasegha studied photography in South Africa and frequently shoots in and around Abuja's affluent Asokoro and Maitama neighborhoods.


3. Mofe Boyo

Signature Style: Vivid color and light, meaningful compositions, versatility

Notable Projects: Nkiru, Struggle for Life

Locations: Maitama

Mofe Boyo is a versatile cinematographer who has experience shooting both fiction and documentaries. Boyo, who studied film in London, has produced renowned documentaries like Nkiru and Struggle for Life. At his Maitama studio, he also manages the filming of commercials and music videos.


 4. Abiola Orimolade

Signature Style: Technical perfectionist, sophisticated elegance, precise compositions

Notable Projects: The Arbitration, Guinness campaigns

Locations: Maitama

Abiola Orimolade is a technical perfectionist who creates elegant shots with exact camera placement and lighting. She has worked as a second unit cinematographer on The Arbitration and has photographed branded projects for big corporations like Guinness. Any visuals that come from Orimolade's Maitama studio are sophisticated.


5. Nicki White

Signature Style: Dramatic lighting, stylish compositions, visually impactful

Notable Projects: Road to Yesterday, Flower Girl

Locations: Wuse 2

Niyi White, who is renowned for his stylish lighting work, adds glitz to his movies and commercials. In addition to working on projects for businesses like Adidas, he has worked with directors like Ishaya Bako. From his studio in Wuse 2, White creates chic visuals by using imaginative lighting and angles.


6. Yinka Edward

Signature Style: High-energy urban visuals, realistic lightingRomantic love message

Notable Projects: Confusion Na Wa, MTV Shuga

Locations: Garki, Urban Abuja

Yinka Edward, a well-known photographer of vibrant urban stories, has contributed to films like Confusion Na Wa and television programs like MTV Shuga. His kinetic use of light and camera captures the vigor of Nigeria's youth culture. Edward frequently shoots music videos and movies in Abuja's streets and neighborhoods from his home base in Garki.


7. Shehu Garba

Signature Style: Efficient, effective, quick shooting style

Notable Projects: Bridge of Hope, Fire on the Mountain

Locations: Asokoro, Remote Areas

Shehu Garba, a seasoned member of Nollywood who is renowned for working under pressure, uses a methodical and successful approach. He brings a cool professionalism to set and has over 50 films under his belt. Garba frequently shoots interior scenes at his Asokoro studio or in isolated areas outside of Abuja.

A quick, efficient, and accurate shooting style is his signature. Projects of note include Fire on the Mountain and the Bridge of Hope.


8. Victor Okhai

Signature Style: Refined elegance, polished visuals, immaculate compositions

Notable Projects: Phone Swap, The Figurine

Locations: Wuse 2

Victor Okhai creates stunning images by incorporating a cultivated elegance into his cinematography. In movies like Phone Swap and The Figurine, he has worked with director Kunle Afolayan on several occasions. For Nigerian cinema, Okhai's studio in Wuse 2 has aided in the production of polished scenes.


9. Cecilia Ahodele

Signature Style: Intuitive framing, emotive lighting, unique perspectives

Notable Projects: Hidden Treasures, Dry

Locations: Wuse 2

Cecilia Ahodele, one of Abuja's few highly accomplished female cinematographers, offers a distinctive viewpoint with her natural camerawork. Her filmography includes both fiction and documentary projects. Ahodele frequently works from studios in Wuse 2, sculpting mood and atmosphere with light.


10. Tunde Aladese

Signature Style: Naturalistic, handheld, available light

Notable Projects: A Soldier’s Story, MTV Shuga

Locations: Santa Ben.

Tunde Aladese's work feels incredibly authentic, blurring the line between fiction and documentary. He has filmed notable productions like A Soldier's Story and MTV's Shuga. To record live performances that take place in his Santa Ben studio, Aladese uses handheld cameras and natural light


11. Emmanuel Adugu

Signature Style: Adaptive, genre-spanning, flexible

Notable Projects: Kajola, music videos

Locations: Maitama, Various Abuja Locales

Emmanuel Adugu, who is renowned for his versatility across genres—from documentaries to music videos—adapts his visual style to the demands of each project. For movies like Kajola and artists like Tuface, he has created visually stunning compositions. Despite having a Maitama base, Adugu works on projects all over Abuja.


12. Mary Ann Eshiett

Signature Style: Intimate portrayals of women, novel perspectives

Notable Projects: Mammy Water, Beauty

Locations: Garki

Mary Ann Eshiett is a proponent of more female cinematographers in Nollywood and is assisting in changing the industry. In movies like Beauty and Mammy Water, she captures personal depictions of women's experiences. Eshiett conducts her business out of her Garki studio while filming assignments all over Abuja.


13. Sunmi Oyekan

Signature Style: Skilled use of architecture and space, elegant camera movement

Notable Projects: Death and the King’s Horseman

Locations: Asokoro

Having studied architecture in the past, Sunmi Oyekan's cinematography possesses a keen sense of space. The camera is gracefully moved through both interior and exterior spaces as she composes her shots. Oyekan's Asokoro studio served as the location for critically acclaimed movies like Death and the King's Horseman.


14. Dede Mabiaku

Signature Style: Stylized perspectives, dramatic lighting, bold colors

Notable Projects: Design Fashion Africa, Juju Stories

Locations: Garki

In Abuja's cinematography scene, Dede Mabiaku is a gifted up-and-comer. His early work demonstrates great promise in his use of color, lighting, and angled perspectives. For brands like Design Fashion Africa and motion pictures like Juju Stories, Mabiaku has produced branded content.


15. Samuel Olatunji

Signature Style: Unconventional perspectives, experimental techniques, subverts expectations

Notable Projects: Confusion Na Wa, Elevator Baby

Locations: Asokoro

Rounding out Abuja’s top cinematographers, Samuel Olatunji is known for his experimentation and unconventional perspectives. He has shot acclaimed films like Confusion Na Wa and Elevator Baby that subvert expectations. Olatunji’s Asokoro studio has helped him craft bold visual storytelling that surprises audiences.


Final Thought

Abuja boasts a diverse range of talented cinematographers with unique visual styles. They help bring Nigerian narratives to life and shape the look of films made in the capital city.

Their technical skills, creative eye, and artistic perspectives make them invaluable contributors to Nigeria’s film community. 

From shooting features to documentaries, commercials, and music videos, Abuja’s top cinematographers represent the breadth of visual storytelling happening in the city. Their work elevates Nigerian cinema and introduces new stylistic innovations to screens worldwide.

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