How to Renew My Nigerian Passport In the UK?


How to Renew My Nigerian Passport In the UK?

Renewing your Nigerian passport in the UK has never been easier thanks to the convenience and security of our latest solutions. Nowadays, you can save time and effort by renewing your digital passport. Gone are the days of standing in line and doing paperwork.

In this in-depth blog post, we will guide you through every step of renewing your Nigerian passport in the UK.

In this article, recognizing the value of passport renewal, accumulate all necessary documents, make sure you pay the Nigerian passport renewal fee, make sure to schedule a visit, show up for the appointment, how Long does It take to renew a passport and retrieve your renewed passport.


Recognizing the Value of Passport Renewal

Your passport serves as your global access code. You are free to travel to different places, work abroad and attend international events. However, for Nigerian passports, the validity period of the passport is limited to 10 years. It is important to renew your passport on time to avoid delays during the holidays.

Renewing your Nigerian passport while in the UK is an important process. However, this requires careful planning and attention to detail to avoid complications. It doesn't matter if your passport has already expired, is about to expire or you need a new passport. The procedure is as follows:


Prepare all Necessary Documents

Before you go to the High Commission or the Nigerian embassy in the UK, make sure you have the following important documents:

• Valid Nigerian passport with original and copy.

• A duly completed and signed Nigerian passport application form.

• Two recent photographs in the format required for your passport.

• Make sure the re-connection fee is paid in full.

• Proof that you can live and work in the UK, such as a visa, residence permit or permanent residence permit.

• A birth certificate or official declaration of age may be required.

• If available: marriage certificate.

• Notify the police (if you have lost your passport).

• Complete all Nigerian passport requirements.

You can find the Nigerian passport application form that you can download and print from the official website of the Nigerian High Commission or embassy. Please ensure that the information you enter in the form is correct and matches your current passport information.


Make Sure you Pay the Nigerian Passport Renewal Fee

The cost of renewing a Nigerian passport in the UK can vary depending on the type of passport being renewed and the processing speed chosen.

Please visit the official website of the Nigerian High Commission or the embassy website to check the latest fees and accepted payment methods. You must pay the Nigerian passport renewal fee using one of the approved payment methods and keep the receipt for your records.

Check the current amount and your preferred payment method. However, depending on the type of passport being renewed and whether it is for a child or a senior, the cost can range from $37 to $137.


Don't Forget to Schedule a Viewing!

You must make an appointment at the Nigerian High Commission or Embassy to submit your application and supporting documents. Make a reservation online through our website or contact us by phone or email for more information about the reservation process.


Show up for the Appointment

On the day you return from the embassy or conference, contact the Nigerian High Commission or embassy with all the necessary documents, including the application form, proof of payment and original passport. Prepare for the interview and prepare to collect biometric information such as fingerprints and facial photos.


How Long Does it Take to Renew a Passport?

There are several factors that affect the time it takes to renew a Nigerian passport, including the type of passport you have, the number of applications you receive and the processing method you choose. In most cases, it may take several weeks to receive your passport after it is renewed. During your appointment, ask about the estimated duration of treatment.


Request an Updated Passport

You will receive a notification from the Nigerian High Commission or Embassy once your renewed passport has been processed and approved. You can either collect your updated passport in person or arrange for it to be sent to the address you have reserved. Once the update is complete, you'll receive your passport and voila, you're ready to start planning your trip.


Final Thoughts

Quite simply, renewing your Nigerian passport in the UK has never been easier thanks to modern methods that make the process easier. Renew your passport quickly and easily with advance booking, secure online payments and application tracking.

Moreover, if you follow the steps mentioned above, you will not only be able to go through the entire process without any hassle, but you will also be able to enjoy all your journeys without any hassle.

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