Pregnancy Nose: Women may have a Bigger Nose while Expecting


Pregnancy Nose: Women may have a Bigger Nose while Expecting

Many women talk about their pregnancy nose on social media. Read on to learn about some of the rare changes your body experiences during pregnancy. Changes to a woman's body are inevitable during pregnancy. It's not hard to miss these changes: your breasts may become bigger, heavier, more sensitive, or you may need to urinate more often.

But did you know you can still blow your nose during pregnancy? 

Moms are talking about it on social media! Many women have shared videos of their noses showing how they look before and after pregnancy! 

If you look at your "post-pregnancy" photos, your nose looks bigger.

Here's everything you need to know about nosebleeds during pregnancy

You may have heard of pregnancy rhinitis, which also affects the nose. In this case, we are dealing with a stuffy nose. Pregnancy nose is another body change during pregnancy that a woman cannot tell about. Health Shots presents Dr. Gynecologist at Apollo Spectra Mumbai. We asked Rana Choudhary about the topic of nosebleeds during pregnancy.


What is a Pregnancy Nose?

Agree. The list of physical changes during pregnancy is long. However, the first question that arises for pregnant women is whether certain changes are normal or not. You can even find out if your baby's movements are normal or not (normal baby movements during pregnancy).

Doctor Choudhary says that a woman's body goes through changes from the first to the third trimester of pregnancy, and these changes continue in the postpartum period. In addition, many changes are normal during pregnancy, such as an enlarged nose. 

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Cause of Pregnancy Nose

According to experts, beginning in the first and early second trimesters, blood vessels expand to accommodate the growing fetus. Estrogen levels in the body can increase blood flow to the nasal lining. 

The muscles and membranes of the nose expand due to the increased blood supply. Therefore, the size of the nose also increases. During the third or last trimester of pregnancy, some women experience swelling of the nose due to fluid retention in the face.  Learn about Top 10 African Foods to Eat During Pregnancy


Pregnancy Nose is not very Common

Not all pregnant women have big noses. It can only affect some women. doctor. Some women notice that their noses turn red, according to Choudhary. This is due to changes in hormone levels that affect skin pigmentation.


When can a Normal Nose be Restored?

The nose returns to its normal shape only after pregnancy. As the hormones stabilize, the swelling will go down.


Other changes in a Woman's Body during Pregnancy

Physical changes aren't the only things women experience during pregnancy. Sometimes women feel free to move even during pregnancy.

Other changes include:

Nausea may occur.

Your mood may change

You may have chest pain.

Headaches may occur frequently.

Back pain can cause many problems.

Swelling of the legs is also possible.

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You may need to urinate more often.

May cause breathing difficulties.

Experts say pregnant women should monitor their chances and see a doctor if symptoms worsen. It is a good idea to discuss your complaints with your midwife to avoid serious complications. Learn about 13 Foods Good for Pregnant Women

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