Top 5 Oldest Museum in the World


Top 5 Oldest Museum in the World

The museum has an interesting and controversial history. But where did it all begin? Move, click and drag to virtually see and explore the world's oldest building to collect and display art and artifacts.


1. Capitoline Museum

Top 5 Oldest Museum in the World

The Capitoline Museum, or Musei Capitolini, is probably the oldest museum in the world. Located in Rome, a stone's throw from the Colosseum, this museum has a fantastic collection of classical art and archaeology. The museum's history dates back to 1471, when Pope Sixtus IV donated a series of important ancient bronze statues to the Roman people.

The collection was placed on Capitol Hill near the current museum. In 1734, the museum was officially opened to the public, making it the first place in the world designed specifically as a space for the public to enjoy art.


2. The Vatican

Top 5 Oldest Museum in the World

The Vatican is within walking distance of the Capitoline Museums and is the second oldest museum in the world. The roots of the museum date back to 1506, when Pope Julius II Laoco├Ân and his sons bought the statue and presented it to the public.

In addition to the inaugural statue (still on display in the museum), visitors can admire priceless works of art, including the School of Athens, Raphael's Last Judgment, and the Tomb of Christ by Michelangelo and Caravaggio. About 25,000 people visit the museum every day, making it one of the most popular galleries in the world.


3. The Royal Armouries, The Tower of London

Top 5 Oldest Museum in the World

The Royal Armories have been presenting a unique collection to visitors since 1592. In 1660, the attraction was opened to the public, allowing local residents to view exhibits specially designed to showcase the power and splendor of the English monarchy.

The museum's current collection focuses on weapons and hobbies, with around 70,000 items on display. These artifacts range from ancient times to the present day and offer visitors fascinating insights into the evolution of warfare and weaponry.


4. The Kunstmuseum, Basel

Top 5 Oldest Museum in the World

In 1661, the University of Basel and the city of Basel joined forces to acquire the Amerbach Cabinet, a fantastic collection of works by the famous German artist Hans Holbein. In 1671, the collection was opened to the public, and in 1823 it was combined with private works previously held in the Pesch Museum.

The museum's collection covers an incredibly broad history, including works from the 15th century to the present day. This fascinating period gives visitors a unique insight into the development of art and art movements and makes for an interesting day out.


5. The Ashmolean, Oxford

Top 5 Oldest Museum in the World

The following museum is located in Oxford, England, one of the oldest and most famous educational institutions in the world. The Ashmolean is a museum of art and archeology at the University of Oxford. Founded in 1683, the collection spans from prehistoric times to the present day.

The Ashmolean is free to visit and is a fantastic resource for anyone interested in art history and archaeology. If you can't visit Oxford in person, the museum recently made records with over 200,000 objects available for viewing or searching in its online collection.

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