Top 20 Banking Platforms for POS Agents in Nigeria


Top 20 Banking Platforms for POS Agents in Nigeria


Top 20 Banking Platforms for POS Agents in Nigeria: Looking for the best banking platform for your POS agents to start their business? Look no further. In this article, I will share the best offline POS machines to start a POS business. We also share how to purchase these POS machines so you can start your business right away. There are many ways to start your entrepreneurial journey. Online business, retail business, clothing business, home business, etc. 

We've shared all of this with you here and on our entrepreneur channel. POS business opportunities have given millions of Nigerians a way to earn a decent income to support their families. This is as a result of the Central Bank of Nigeria introducing an agent banking system. Millions of unbanked and underbanked people in society now have access to financial services. Today in this article, I am going to share with you the 20 best banking platforms for POS agents in Nigeria.  Learn about the Top 10 Best Digital Banking Apps in Nigeria – Customer’s Guide

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Best Banking Platform for POS Agent / Best POS Machine

Top 20 Banking Platforms for POS Agents in Nigeria


2. Money Point

3. Bankly

4. Nomba (formerly Kudi)

5. PalmPay

6. Baxi Box

7. Paga

8. Quickteller Paypoint

9. Firstmonie

10. Access Closa

11. GT Express

12. SurePadi Agency Banking

13. Zenith bank Agent Banking

14. UnionDirect

15. UBA Monie

16. FCMB Agent Banking Services

17. Ecobank Xpress Point

19. Keyserv Agency Banking Service

18. Stanbic IBTC @ease Agency Banking Service

20. Heritage Bank CornerShop Agent Banking

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OPay is one of Nigeria's fastest growing fintech companies operating a consumer payment services platform that enables users to send and receive money, pay bills and order food and groceries. The company was founded in 2018 and has made many great strides in a short period of time. The company, which has a market capitalization of more than $1.5 billion, has raised more than $500 million in funding over the past four years. They today have a network of over 300,000 agents serving nearly 10 million Nigerians. OPay is a star artist to watch in the near future.

How to start an Opay POS business

To start a POS business, you must first register as an agent on the OPay agent portal before applying for a POS device.

The requirements to apply for an Opay POS device are:

Download the OPay app to your device (you can find the app in the Android and Apple stores).

Login to your profile to update your KYC status 3.


2. Money Point

Moniepoint is a product of TeamApt, one of the leading fintech companies in Nigeria. It is one of the best banking platforms for POS agents in Nigeria today. Since its inception in 2019, its agency banking platform, Moniepoint, has enabled over 150,000 entrepreneurs to process one billion transactions worth over 20 trillion Naira. Today, the company has evolved into a full-service investment bank. Interested in joining the Moniepoint team as one of our POS agents? like this:

How to Become a Moniepoint POS agent

• Visit the official Moniepoint website.

• Complete and submit the Moniepoint Agent Registration Form.

• Make sure your email address and phone number are verified so a representative can contact you within 48 hours of registration.

• The agent will give you information about what to do next and then confirm you as an agent.

• You can now access the Moniepoint POS dashboard to manage your account.

Want to start a POS business? Check out our step-by-step guide to starting a POS business in Nigeria.


3. Bankly

Bankly is a Nigerian fintech startup that describes itself as a bank for the unbanked. The company was founded in 2018 by Tomilola Adejana and Fredrick Adams. Bankly's treasury management platform helps you automate, simplify and secure digital payments. They achieve this by using algorithms that track financial behavior to deliver personalized offers, including multi-channel withdrawals and agent banking.

How to become a bank agent

To get started, download the Bankly Agent mobile app from the App Store, create an account and provide the required KYC details. You can then verify your account and a support representative will verify your registration. Once this is done, you can conduct transactions and provide your customers with access to financial services.


4. Nomba (formerly Kudi)

Nomba (formerly Kudi) is an omnichannel fintech payments platform that provides tools to help your business grow. The variety of easy-to-use business tools enable businesses to accept, process and manage online and offline payments. The company started its journey in 2017 with a chatbot designed to facilitate financial payments. And in 2018, it evolved into a company that offers point-of-sale technology and partners with banks and other financial institutions.

How to become a Nomba POS Agent

• Download and install Nomba from Google Play.

• Run the app on your Android phone.

• Sign in with your phone number and link the app to your bank account.

• Start trading using the Nomba app.

• Can be used for electricity, airtime charging, TV subscription etc. Use it regularly for basic payments such as:

• In about two weeks, Nomba will let you know if you qualify for free POS.


5. PalmPay

PalmPay is a mobile money operator that launched in Nigeria in September 2019 and features on our list of the best banking platforms for POS agents in Nigeria. We have a simple and secure payment app that rewards users when they make transactions. For example, PalmPay offers Nigerian users 10% cashback on airtime purchases and bank transfer rates of up to ₦10 per transaction. The company has grown rapidly and has amassed a customer base of over 2 million business users handling billions of naira in monetary value. Download our concise sales and marketing plan template here to improve and increase your sales.

How to become a PalmPay Agent

Download and install the PalmPartner app from Google Playstore, then launch the app and register an account. If you already have a PalmPay account, you can sign in using your registered phone number.

After registration, fill the application form and upload the KYC documents to provide your details. Now you can do business as a PalmPay agent.


6. Baxi Box

Baxi Box is a fintech product from Capricorn Digital Limited, a digital distribution company that provides users with end-to-end payment and collection services. The company was founded in Nigeria in 2016. The Baxi platform is currently active across multiple channels in Box, POS and App (Baxi Mobile), all tailored to customers' payment needs.

How to become a Baxi Box agent

• Download BaxiMobile App from Play Store/Apple Store.

• Install the app on your device and complete the registration process.

• To upgrade your account to Baxi Flex or Baxi Pro, please provide your BVN and verifiable address.

• Go to MPOS/POS Requests to send a request to your POS device.


7. Paga

Founded in 2009, Paga is Nigeria's leading mobile payments company, enabling people to send and receive money digitally and building an ecosystem that provides easy financial access for all. Their primary purpose is to help both consumers and merchants make, receive payments and access financial services. There are currently over 19 million users in Nigeria.

How to start a POS business with Pagaman

• To become a POS agent, email [email protected] or visit, select your agent and click Become an Agent to get started.

• Once you are ready, one of Paga's field representatives will contact you with further instructions for the onboarding process.


8. Quickteller Paypoint

Quickteller Paypoint is a trading name of Interswitch Financial Inclusive Services (IFIS). This is a utility bill payment and cash advance offered to businesses. The Quickteller Payment Point service is available at ATMs as an add-on.

To use the in-app service, agents must download the app for free on their smartphones. An agent account is created and the agent can start using the product after initial training. POS devices are available for a fee, and the software that runs on them is free.

Advantages of Quicktell Paypoint

• Access over 15 payment and mobile money services from your operator.

• Because its free, setup costs are minimal when you sign in through the app.

• Agents receive a monthly commission for each transaction they complete during the month.


9. Firstmonie

Firstmonie is the banking agent of First Bank of Nigeria Ltd, enabling customers in underbanked and underbanked regions to manage their financial demands through registered agents and established companies. This agent banking service from First Bank Ltd is currently featured in our list of the 20 best POS banking platforms for POS agents in Nigeria.

Product category:

Firstmonie Wallet: This is an e-wallet that allows individuals to make and receive payments electronically using their mobile phone number. It is a tool used by developing countries to enable people to participate fully in the global financial system. This digital wallet keeps payment information safe and compact, eliminating the need for customers to have a physical wallet.

Firstmonia Agent Banking: Agency banking is a channel used to bring financial services closer to underbanked and unbanked segments of society by enabling existing businesses in the community to provide these services.

How to become a Firstmonie agent

To become a Firstmonie agent you must have:

• An existing business

• A visible and accessible business location

• A valid means of identification (Voters’ card, national id card, drivers’ license, international passport)

• Bank Verification Number (BVN)

• A utility bill not more than three (3) months old

• Business registration documentation for corporate bodies


10. Access Closa

This is another agent banking service that deserves to be included in our list of the 20 best POS banking platforms for POS agents in Nigeria. Access Closer is Access Bank's agent banking service that allows you to use nearby financial services without visiting the bank. With over 100,000 agents, Access Closa enables agents to quickly and easily process transactions through platforms such as bank point-of-sale (POS) terminals or mobile phones.

Services offered by Access Closa agencies

• Bank deposit

• Withdraw money

• Remission

• Pay your bills

• Buy airtime

• Open an account

How to become an Access Closa agent

Minimum requirements to become an agent:

• Easily accessible and visible business location;

• Minimum working capital ₦50,000

• Valid identity documents - voter's card, driver's license, international passport, national identity card.

• Energy bills

• Company registration documents


11. GT Express

GTexpress is a comprehensive banking service that allows customers to access financial services from one convenient location. GT Express serves banks through dealer locations such as supermarkets, schools, cinemas, markets and restaurants. This is an initiative to reach underserved and underserved populations using unbanked outlets.

Non-bank branches (agencies) offer services such as account opening (direct account), ATM cash deposits and withdrawals, customer inquiries, bill payments and remittance services (transfer of value in local currency). The Central Bank of Nigeria may prescribe regulations from time to time. GT Express gives you access to banking services. Now you can do simple banking near you.

Services offered at GT Express branches

• Open an account

• Depositing and withdrawing cash at ATMs

• Pay your bills

• Local remittance

How do I become a GT Express Agent?

• Visit your nearest GTBank branch.

• Meet one of our customer advisors in our banking lounge:

• Request a POS application form.

• Once your application is approved, GTBank will contact you to obtain a GTbank cash register.

• You can also download and fill the GTBank Mobile Money Agent form and take it to your nearest GTBank branch.


12. SurePadi Agency Banking

SurePadi is a banking solution from Polaris Bank Limited. The bank partners with existing stores as SurePadi agents to provide easy and convenient access to banking services. The service is available at any SurePadi branch.

• Opening an account.

• Remission.

• warehouse.

• Withdraw money.

• pay money.

• Buy airtime and register with BVN.

How to become a SurePadi Agent

To become a Polaris Bank SurePadi Agent, visit your nearest Polaris Bank branch via:

• Valid identification: driver's license, national identity card, international passport or voter's card.

• Utility bill (3 months or more from order date)

• Recent passport photo


13. Zenith bank Agent Banking

Agent banking is a financial inclusion service introduced by banks to expand their retail operations across all sectors. As an agent, you must provide basic financial services on behalf of the bank. Available services:

• Open an account

• Withdraw money

• Warehouse

• Remission

• Invoices and payments

• Buy airtime

How to Become a Zenith Bank POS Agent

• Location of an existing store/business with a trade name.

• Store/business location in a physical geographic location for at least 12 months.

• The store can be a school, market, mall, gas station or any other store that allows pedestrian traffic.

• Distributors must provide a dedicated office/account and space for at least one employee to provide agent banking services.

• Must be deposited in Zenith Bank account for at least 6 months.

Note: Prospective brokers may wish to register under either a company name (corporate accounts) or an individual name (personal accounts).


14. UnionDirect

UnionDirect is the agent banking service of Union Bank and is also included in our list of the 20 best POS banking platforms for agents in Nigeria. With UnionDirect, you can earn up to $100,000 per month doing basic financial work in your community.

How do I become a UnionDirect Reseller?

• Maintain a savings or current account with Union Bank.

• Have an existing business in an easily accessible physical location.

• You must have at least one employee to support your business.

• Minimum working capital of N150,000.

• You must have a valid ID (voter's card, driver's license, international passport or national identity card).

• Provide relevant company information.

• Complete the agent registration form and conclude an agreement.

• Submit the completed form to [email protected] or visit any Union Bank branch.


15. UBA Monie

UBA Monie, African United Bank agent, brings financial services closer to community levels and offers financial inclusions to those who are currently excluded.

Every year you can get more than a million naira with an UBA Monie agent.

• If you refer to two agents, buy N500

• Refer to two or more agents to get any additional N250.

• Receive N200 of all public accounts

• Get more N250 from account 51

The service provided by UBA Monie Agent.

• Open an account

• Withdraw money

• Send money

• Deposit cash

• Pay bills

How to Become UBA Monie Agent

• Effective identification tools (for example, international passports, driving licenses, national identity cards or voter books are required.

• Recent utility bills

• A UBA account is required. You can use your standard personal or business account for this purpose.

• Next, download and fill the UBA Moni Agent Enrollment Form and submit it online.


16. FCMB Agent Banking Services

FCMB Agent Banking is a simple, user-friendly and cost-effective way to provide secure and convenient banking services. These services include cash deposits, cash withdrawals, money transfers, bill payments, airtime top-ups, BVN registrations, etc. to groups of people in that community who use known and trusted outlets in that community. Included. Agent banking "locations" serve as places where unbanked or underserved people transact. FCMB Agent Banking services have added nearly 10,000 agents to date. These agents provide payment services to customers and receive transaction revenue for the services they provide.

Services provided by FCMB Agent Banking Services

• Account opening.

• Instant card issuance.

• Cash deposit.

• Cash withdrawal.

• Funds transfer.

• Airtime recharge.

• Bills payment.

• BVN enrolment.

• PIN change etc.

How to become an FCMB Bank agent

To become an FCMB Agent Banker, visit your nearest FCMB branch and obtain an FCMB Agent Banking Interest Form from the Customer Service Department.


17. Ecobank Xpress Point

Ecobank Xpress Point also lists the top 20 POS banking platforms for agencies in Nigeria. This is an affordable business opportunity that has helped thousands of individuals and entrepreneurs across the country increase their income. Along with Ecobank and EcoBank, you can help operate your bank in your location with EcoBank.

Services provided by EcoBank Xpress Point

• Deposit and withdrawal/token redemption

• Mobile airtime top-up

• Interbank transfer

• Bill payment

• International transfer (Remittance)

How to become an Xpress Point agent

• Connect to the ECOBANK XPress Point registration portal

• Create a form of transaction

• Select the research level

• Enter your phone number

• Select the type of company

• Enter the number of business locations you have

• Select the device type (desktop, laptop, smartphone).

• Know and agree to the term

• Check the Recaptcha button to indicate that it is not a robot.

• Press the send button

• After receiving the request, the EcoBank manager contacts 72 hours.


18. Stanbic IBTC @ease Agency Banking Service

Stanbic IBTC Bank contributes to Africa's growth by meeting the livelihood needs of the unbanked and underbanked and through @ease agency banking, we are able to provide financial services to businesses in diverse communities. Advantages of an agent

• This is a fee charged for all services provided by the dealership, including account opening, ticket sales, cash withdrawals and cash deposits.

• Free branding for agent locations.

• Rewards and rewards for high performing agents.

• All bank transactions with your agent will be settled immediately.

• Increased revenue opportunities from customer traffic.

How to Become Stanbic IBTC @ease Agent

• To get started, visit one of our locations or visit our website.

• Complete our agency application and submit required documents for verification or visit our website to submit basic enrollment information.


19. Keyserv Agency Banking Service

KeyServ is a financial solution from Keystone Banking Agency dedicated to providing financial access to underserved and underbanked populations. Launched in 2018, the service provides a convenient and cost-effective way to provide banking services to people in your community while attracting existing, trusted third-party retailers.

Agent banking "venues" serve as unbanked or underserved trading venues. These merchants are owned by individuals or organizations that provide payment services to customers and receive transaction revenue for the services they provide.

Why KeyServ? Agency banking gives customers access to the financial products and services closest to them, removing certain barriers to financial inclusion such as cost and affordability.

Services available at KeyServ dealers

• Open an account

• Direct issuance of the card

• warehouse

• Withdraw money

• remission

• Loading time

• Pay bills etc.


20. Heritage Bank CornerShop Agent Banking

CornerShop by Heritage Bank is the latest in our list of the 20 best POS banking platforms for POS agents in Nigeria. Heritage Bank thinks your bank should close, no. Because anything can happen at any time. So they have made it possible for you to spend your money at HB Cornershop, which is close and at your fingertips when you need it.

Types of Heritage Bank CornerShop Agents

Independent Agents: An individual who off-takes a Heritage Bank’s branded Kiosk (CornerShop) and provides financial services to customers on behalf of the bank from the kiosk.

Sole Agents: An individual who has an existing business location and provides financial services to customers on behalf of the bank at the location.

Super Agents: An organised association/company that aggregates agents for the bank and earns commissions off the agents’ transactions on a continuous basis.

Aggregators: An individual or organisation/association/company that sources agents for the bank and earns a one-off referral commission.

Available Services at Heritage Bank CornerShops

Account Opening (tier 1)

Cash deposit to HB account

Deposit to any commercial bank in Nigeria (Interbank transfers)

Cash withdrawal from HB account

Cash withdrawal from any commercial bank in Nigeria (using a debit card)

Other Value-Added Services (Airtime Vending, Bill Payment, Collections etc)

Finally, POS agent banking is one of the major job creation opportunities in Nigeria today. Our list of 20 best banking platforms for POS agents in Nigeria gives you a variety of platforms that can be your partner when starting a new POS business.

The above list is not an exhaustive list, so please share other POS machines that you can use to start your POS business in the comments. We want to do business with you to promote your brand to the world. 

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